108 Grove Lane & The Luxury of Blue Mind Space

Tom Brezsny
- Tom Brezsny

108 Grove Lane & The Luxury of Blue Mind Space

Welcome, to 108 Grove Lane, Capitola and the luxury of a true Blue Mind space, nestled along a stunning stretch of coastal bluff that runs from the friendly confines of Capitola Village to the wide sandy beaches of Rio Del Mar. This surprisingly secluded oceanfront home occupies a unique vantage point above Monterey Bay.

Perched near the top of a tall coastal palisade, that seems to hover just above the calm, emerald waters of Soquel Cove – a renowned locale on the Bay where soft sea breezes and warm shallow currents create a distinct microclimate and rich habitat for numerous ocean-going species.


Here, each room and space, both inside and out, becomes a window on the world, opening to dazzling new perspectives, incomparable views and a deep connection to the natural world.

108 Grove Lane, Capitola – Offered at $7,425,000

Stepping inside a low key, courtyard off the private gated drive, riveting vistas of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary begin to unfold: sunlight dancing off the blue waters of the bay, miles of gently curving coastline, rocky cliffs sculpted by the waves of time, rolling hills and sunny meadows adorned with native oaks, solitary kayaks gliding across the glassy surface of the sea, migrating birds framed against the dark silhouette of the Monterey Peninsula and the morning sun rising majestically over the distant tip of Fremont Peak.

This home offers a front row seat for all the drama and panorama of California’s Central Coast – a daily infusion of light, world-class weather, awe-inspiring views. It’s an easy walk on the blufftop trail over to New Brighton and Seacliff State Beaches or the historic Depot Hill neighborhood above Capitola Village. By car it’s only 35 minutes to Silicon Valley and San Jose Airport, 30 minutes to Carmel and Pebble Beach and just an hour and a half south of San Francisco.

Living with well-being and in the moment is the greatest luxury because it allows us to truly experience the richness and beauty of life. Being present enables us to fully immerse ourselves in the wonders of each passing second, appreciating the subtleties of life that often go unnoticed. This conscious awareness opens up a world of joy, gratitude, and self-discovery, enriching our relationships, deepening our connections, and increasing our overall satisfaction.

This exclusive haven combines the tranquility of ocean waves with breathtaking panoramic views, providing an unparalleled experience. Unwind in spacious, elegantly designed interiors that seamlessly blend modernity with coastal charm. Indulge in the ultimate luxury of a Blue Mind property, where oceanfront living transcends ordinary existence.

The ocean offers a multisensory experience. The smell of the salty air, the feel of sand between the toes, and the sight of the ever-changing tides all stimulate the senses and foster a deeper connection with the world. Click here to view our last blog about Blue Mind Space and this connection can awaken a sense of awe and wonder.


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