Chanelling the Future of Real Estate

Tom Brezsny
- Tom Brezsny

Chanelling the Future of Real Estate

Nothing surprises me anymore. On New Year’s Eve I was quietly ruminating about the future of real estate when I received a mysterious invite for a midnight Zoom session. At the stroke of twelve the link went live and asked me to share my screen. That’s when one of those infinite mirror effects was triggered along with a series of cryptic messages scrolling through the chat thread.  

What follows is a small part of what I saw and heard for the next three hours. Predictions for the future? Real estate news courtesy of some Century 23 Agent traveling back in time?  Or perhaps just Zillow trying to penetrate my email and crawl my list of contacts? Who knows? You be the judge…

As global weather patterns keep changing, Realtors will begin marketing “ClimeShare” Properties that allow Midwesterners to trade weeks in their tornado alley homes with other folks wanting to take a break from California fires or a vacation from East Coast polar vortexes or Gulf Coast hurricanes.

Some California Counties will enact Buyers’ Right of Remorse Recission statutes requiring a mandatory three day cooling off period between the time Buyers first view homes and write offers on them. 

In an attempt to control the fallout from the growing outward migration from California, states like Texas, Nevada, Idaho and Montana will pass laws requiring u-haul trucks originating in California to relocate only to other blue states. 

HIgh frequency house trading will be a growing trend. Ultra fast servers and lighting speed algorithms stationed in warehouses close to regional MLS offices will be able to buy and resell new listings before regular buyers even have a chance to open up their search engine emails.

An insider whistleblower will leak a secret research study conducted by Zillow that proves the company has long known about the effects that toxic digital house images have on aspiring young homeowners.

Bear Grylls, noted survival celebrity, will host a new show on the Discovery Channel. Each one hour episode will feature first time home buyers learning to survive the real estate market. 

A local Seller with decided MAGA tendencies will sue their real estate agent for insisting prospective buyers wear masks before entering their listing

A new Facebook scandal will surface when Russian Hackers are caught targeting Bay Area homebuyers with a series of Fake Ads depicting $5 million dollar luxury homes that later prove to be average tract homes. 

In the summer of 2024 Amazon will announce a more active foray into Residential Real Estate Sales with a series of clever ads that start out with the phrase:  “Alexa, write an offer on 226 Maple Street.”

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