Every Child Deserves Academic, Arts, and Wellness Programs Across All Grades

Natasha Mingay
- Natasha Mingay

Every Child Deserves Academic, Arts, and Wellness Programs Across All Grades

Sereno 1% For Good Charitable Foundation Believes Every Child Deserves Academic, Arts, and Wellness Programs Across All Grades. That’s why our Sereno Coastal team is supporting Live Oak Education Foundation with a Community Impact Grant as our 3rd Quarter Recipient.

We had the honor of presenting a check to the Live Oak Education Foundation this week! They are over half way to their goal of fundraising for Shoreline Middle School’s new gym floor which serves not just the school, but also the community at large for after school programs, club sports and local basketball leagues. They also just announced a drama club coming soon! We can’t wait to be able to attend the children’s performances in the Spring.

Live Oak Education Foundation ensures that students in the Live Oak School District have enriching opportunities in the visual and performing arts; the “STEM” fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics; and positive play.

The Foundation is based on a strong belief in equity and that all kids, no matter their race, socio-economic background, or neighborhood deserve every opportunity afforded to their peers. Many people do not know that while kids who live in the Live Oak community attend elementary and middle schools in the Live Oak School District, they attend high school in the Santa Cruz City School District. Santa Cruz City Schools has had an education foundation for nearly two decades that has supplemented that district’s investment in academic, arts, and wellness programs across all grades. Live Oak Education Foundation was created in 2014 to ensure that Live Oak students have just as many opportunities as students in the surrounding communities, and enter high school with comparable skills and experiences as their peers. They share,

“Our goal is for every student in Live Oak to be inspired and prepared as they grow up. In addition to sustaining the investments we’ve put in place, we dream of providing MORE for our students.

The difference we make is seeking out ways to expand the horizons and provide enriching experiences to all kids in Live Oak.”

How you can help? They are looking for fundraising opportunities and volunteers. They would love to expand their capacity to pursue opportunities for growth and partnerships that would increase what they can offer Live Oak kids. Follow their Facebook page for upcoming events.

Visit LiveOakEdFoundation.org to learn more.

Sereno 1% For Good Charitable Foundation awards grants to local organizations actively making a positive difference in our communities. Since 2012, we have donated over $5 million dollars. Click here to learn more about our foundation and additional local grant opportunities.

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