Get Lucky for 2016

Terry Brezsny Ballantyne
- Terry Brezsny Ballantyne

Get Lucky for 2016

Well, you made it another New Year’s.  It’s time to accept that you may be headed to the elite status of healthy,  active, nonagenarian. So accept the role and define it for 2016!  For fun, try starting a family tradition now!

Many cultures have traditions to ring in the New Year and ensure anything from abundance and prosperity to romantic joy and harmony.

These are fun traditions to start in your family or with friends and fun to carry on every year.

There is a bias toward food that resembles money!  Lentils, and beans resemble coins while spinach, collards, cabbage and kale resemble paper money.

Grains are a symbol of abundance, while circular foods represent the ongoing nature of life and the year coming full circle.

The Greeks smash a pomegranate on their threshold and hope for many, many seeds!  Mexicans and Portuguese folks eat one grape for every stroke of the clock. Each grape represents a month.  Pay attention to the sweet months of good grapes and the bad months of sour grapes! ( and depending on your clock, it’s not that easy to eat a grape on every chime!)

Noodles are popular in Asian and represent a long life. Slurping your noodles is even a better sign of coming good luck.

Whichever food you love or tradition you embrace, have fun and Happy New Year!

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