He’s the Most Interesting Realtor in the World…

Tom Brezsny
- Tom Brezsny

He’s the Most Interesting Realtor in the World…

I don’t know how many of you noticed…Dos Equis beer recently retired Jonathan Goldsmith, the American actor who became famous for his role as The World’s Most Interesting Man in the World. The ads became memes of their own and spawned a flood of internet take-offs.  Goldsmith’s character was replaced by a new, younger, most interesting man intended to appeal to the next generation of millennial beer drinkers. Unfortunately this new Most Interesting Man doesn’t quite live up to the original.

Good news though, Goldsmith will be relocating to Santa Cruz to start his new career as The Most Interesting Realtor in the World.  Since we’ve got somewhere in the vicinity of 1200 Realtors in Santa Cruz County these days,  there’s always room for one more. Here are a few of the tag lines he is considering for his initial rollout campaign.  Feel free to send in your own.

  • Other agents have his name on their vanity license plates

  • He gives virtual tours in person

  • Other Agents put his signs up

  • He makes pocket calls just to get pocketlistings

  • His Clients sign a disclosure acknowledging he’s The Most Interesting Realtor in the World

  • He once interviewed for a listing but was disinclined to take it

  • He once won a bodybuilding contest just by exercising his options

  • He can make a house go up in value just by appreciating it.

  • He once foreclosed on a bank

  • He once picked a loan lock

  • Buyers he doesn’t work with suffer from remorse

  • When he lists a property half baths become whole again

  • When he lists a property, easements don’t  run with the land, they walk

  • Even the geodesic domes he represents have square footage

  • Acts of God are usually blamed on him

  • Underwriters wait for his approval

  • He once sold a dream house in his sleep

  • He once went to mime school to look more convincing when going through

the motions

  • He uses a tailor for arm’s length transactions

  • His business card says: I’ll call you

  • His termite company once tented a circus

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