Homeowner Education Series

Tom Brezsny
- Tom Brezsny

Homeowner Education Series

Thinking back over the years, there’s probably one question that I’ve been asked more often than any other question – by a wide margin. It usually comes out of the blue, when a homeowner or a homebuyer quietly sidles over and innocently asks: “Do you mind if I ask you a stupid real estate question?”

That’s code of course, shorthand for: “Hey, I’m a little uncomfortable asking but you do this for a living and I’m hoping you’ll share a little bit of your expertise.” My usual response is “When it comes to your largest asset and the place that nurtures your life, how can any question be stupid?” Or sometimes with this: “When it comes to your home, the only dumb questions are the ones you were afraid to ask.”

So here we are, sorta-kinda, post-pandemic or at least comfortable enough to start re-engaging with life again. To kick-off the New Year, I’m going to resume what I was doing before covid put a whammy on the world. I’m offering a series of public classes on timely topics that can have significant impacts on local homeowners.

All evening sessions are free and from 7:00-8:30pm at our Sereno Office, 720 Front Street, Downtown Santa Cruz (across from the MAH) There’s plenty of parking but call me at 818-1431 or email me to reserve a seat. Light refreshments served and all your questions welcomed.

Session 1: Wednesday, January 18th Topic: New Santa Cruz County Septic Regs are coming down the pipeline. What homeowners should be aware of and start preparing for.

Session 2: Wednesday, January 25th Topic What’s New with ADUs, Junior ADUs, Modular Home Options and SB9 Regs. Get the overview and learn how to navigate the process.

Session 3: Wednesday, February 1st Topic Fire Insurance: Can you still get it? How much does it cost? Are policies getting canceled? What are your choices? These and lots of other burning questions….

Session 4: Wednesday, February 8th Topic Sewer Lateral Regulations: Learning to go with the flow. What you need to know about Sewer Lateral Inspections, Repairs and Requirements when you sell a house.

Use the QR Code to see the entire schedule of talks and reserve your spot:

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