How to choose a Real Estate Agent?

Daniel Wolford
- Daniel Wolford

How to choose a Real Estate Agent?

When choosing a realtor, consider the following (Part 1):

When you’re choosing a realtor, consider the following:

You’ll want to look at their experience. Do they have a track record of helping clients sell or buy in the local real estate market you’re in? How many homes have they closed in the past 6-12 months? And are they knowledgeable about the local market to provide insights?

What is their reputation? Social proof is paramount these days and researching the realtor’s reputation by asking for references from past clients and reading online reviews will help guide you. Make sure the reviews are recent.

What is their communication style? You’ll want to choose a realtor who communicates effectively and promptly. You should feel comfortable asking questions and expressing concerns throughout the process.

Stay tuned for part 2:

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