Ideal Neighborhoods for Biking to the Surf

Marika Strauss
- Marika Strauss

Ideal Neighborhoods for Biking to the Surf

There might be no better sound than waxing your surfboard in your yard as you prepare to put it on your bike to head to the surf. One of the many attractive elements of living in Santa Cruz is being able to pedal to the waves. Not only do you get to warm up your legs but not having to find parking, change in and out of your wetsuit, and then getting to soak in the post surf calm are just some of the many benefits of not having to drive. Santa Cruz’s 40-miles of coast has more than 70 incredible surf spots so you can only imagine the abundance of places you could live and ride your bike to the surf. 

You might be wondering, which are the best Santa Cruz neighborhoods for biking to the surf? Here are a few highlights:

  • Pleasure Point – If you are looking for a neighborhood to sip on luxury coffee or grab a post surf burrito at the Point Market after your plunge into the pacific, this is your spot! 
  • Live Oak – between Pleasure Point and Highway 1 is this awesome family friendly neighborhood with a plethora of treasures and many spots only a 5-10 minute bike ride to the surf. 
  • Westside – An awesome neighborhood filled with incredible places to eat, cruise down West Cliff drive to check the waves or enjoy one of the many breweries post surf. 
  • Rio Del Mar – A fun and easy going beach break with a huge sandy beach that the family can enjoy while you are surfing.
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