In it together

Terry Brezsny Ballantyne
- Terry Brezsny Ballantyne

In it together

We finally find ourselves with something in common.  Rich or poor,
red or blue, Christian or Muslim, boy, girl or non binary, we are finally,
indisputably,  once again ALL  part of the human race. A totality.

I used to think it would take a visit from Martians for us to put down our petty squabbles and appreciate this magnificently beautiful planet we live on and to celebrate the one in 20M-100M  shot of even getting to take the ride called LIFE. To savor simple pleasures, to marvel at the miraculous abundance  of a single seed, to appreciate our atmosphere, the thin, blue barrier between us and outer space, the beauty in the shifting light at the end of a day.

But it was a tiny invader that has conquered our indifference to joy and wonder.

Suddenly just being outside is a special pleasure, acknowledging the abundance of food we in the US still have available,  having toilet paper! We are now so  grateful for people who have  set up creative take out systems in their restaurants, and hospital workers that risk their lives and show up.

All these comforts and pleasures are more apparent now as we have time to think about what our lives would be without them or worse, being a victim of the virus. Or losing a loved one.

I understand we have big problems still to solve in the world, but they are problems we have made.  Problems of dwindling resources, religious differences, political conflicts, fear of “the other”,  but we must do it together, not in spite of each other.  We must work intelligently together and not in a “gotcha” mindset, or in a  power quest.  We need to operate from  a ‘what can I  bring to the solution” mindset. Expecting of one another meaningful contribution rather than a ‘me first‘ response.

I remain hopeful, mindfully staying sequestered so I do my part to end this contagion.  I am anxious to get back to work, to chat over the cucumbers, to have dinner out. For life to go on.Asian kid girl hand washing isolated on white background.

I hope it goes on with more appreciation and more awareness of how lucky we are on this planet and how much we all have in common.

To see and value the amazing ability of humans to solve problems. I hope we place more value on the incredible ingenuity of humans and their capacity to help one another through difficult times.

Let these strange days be full of self improvement and taking stock of who we are and an opportunity for us all to re-calibrate what it means to be our best selves.

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