Inconvenient Truths about Downsizing

Tom Brezsny
- Tom Brezsny

Inconvenient Truths about Downsizing

Continuing the conversation… Almost everyone of a certain age is wrestling with downsizing questions right now. Trying to wrap their heads around the huge paradigm shift that comes with aging. Over the years I’ve talked with hundreds of homeowners going through their own versions of the process and a while back I started asking them to share insights. Here are some of the simple truths they’ve credited with helping them…

Nothing is more certain than change.  Everything is in constant motion. Change is the only certainty in life.

On the continuum. We’re all on the same journey somewhere between birth and death. Death is a normal part of life, even if it’s scary.

Can’t take it with us. We aren’t Egyptian Pharaohs and we aren’t going to be buried with our “stuff” to insure a pleasant journey into the afterlife down the River Styx.

You’ll never be as young as you are now. Will you have more energy and more resources five or ten years from now than you have today? One mistake people make is waiting too long.

Choose change proactively. Plan for change and create contingencies to adapt. If you ignore change or put it off, life eventually steps in to make decisions for you. 

Time horizons. For any plans you make, always ask this question: What will this all look like five or ten years down the road?

First world problems. Most of our problems are insignificant compared to the bigger problems other people face. Be grateful and let go of the little things.

Creatures of habit.  We’re addicted to our routines, good and bad. Learn to hack your own resistance to change, if you want to move forward, 

Fearing change. Aging gracefully and making smart transitions requires letting go of your fear about change. In the end, change is going to happen anyway.

Leap of faith. You never know how any big life transition is going to turn out. Transitions always require a leap of faith. Trust in the future.

More experiences not stuff. More stuff is the last thing we need. Life experiences are what we’ll carry forward to the end of  life.

Kids don’t want it.  You can make up excuses not to get rid of things but in the end, the kids don’t want it!

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