Out of town agents?

Daniel Wolford
- Daniel Wolford

Out of town agents?

It’s hard for me to even think of a good reason but I’ll try and suggest some reasons why…

One…They either have a friend or family member that’s in the business and they promise to take extra care of them OR they’re friends with so many Realtors they can’t stomach choosing one.

Sometimes they look for a Discount Broker who’ll stick their home on the MLS for a nominal fee. They don’t want any other services so they don’t care whether the Broker lives here or not.

They are compelled to use a Silicon Valley Realtor because they think they’ll have a secret list of wealthy buyers that will overpay for their house. They may think over the hill agents are more sophisticated or experienced than a local realtor and feel it will go over better.

However, ALL Real Estate is local. No two markets are alike and when you’re in a multiple offer market place knowing local agents, local lenders, and local ordinances can have a major impact on your outcome.

Choose the wrong agent and it could cost you $100,000’s of dollars.

And I’m, Daniel. Your friend in Real Estate.

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