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Tom Brezsny
- Tom Brezsny

REOM Speaker Series ADUs

I know I’ve been barraging you with mundane topics like septic tanks lately – heavy on the business end of homeownership and light on the warm and fuzzy of “home” itself.  But hey, homes are our largest assets so it makes sense to pay attention even when it’s about things you’d  rather not think about.  

I’m constantly struck by the amount of detail the average homeowner has to keep track of in order to be a “responsible homeowner.” The influx of new rules and regs that impact homeownership at the start of each new year is mind-boggling. With increasing population density, growing environmental concerns and the never-ending series of climate-related disasters that seem to be the norm now  (floods, fires, mudslides, coastal erosion) it isn’t going to get any easier.

The list of things to think about is  getting longer. There’s the County’s new septic and sewer lateral guidelines. Questions about the cost and availability of fire/flood insurance. Changing rules around ADUs,  residential zoning,  lot splits and multi-res construction. Not to mention significant new rules coming about residential gas appliances (stoves, water heaters, furnaces) and solar power.

I’m holding a series of informational talks on timely topics designed to accelerate the learning curve for locals.  All sessions are FREE and held at Sereno Real Estate, 720 Front Street, Downtown Santa Cruz starting at 7pm.  Seating is limited so call 831-818-1431 or email [email protected] to reserve a spot.

January 25th: What’s New with ADUs? What should you know if you are thinking about an ADU? Is your parcel big enough?  What are setback requirements? How big can it be? What’s a junior ADU? Can you do both?  Can you convert your garage?  Are modular ADUs permitted? Can your lot be split t?  Can you build a duplex? How long does the process take?  What are approximate costs?  Where do you get a good overview of the process? Speakers: Christian Nielsen and Timerie Gordon,  Nielsen Architecture and Design

February 1st: Adventures in Fire Insurance   Is coverage still available?  How much does it cost?  Will my policy get canceled? Plus, the New Defensible Space Disclosure Requirements for Home Sellers. Speaker: Tanner Tedsen, Farmers Insurance

February 8th  Learning to Go with the Flow.  Understand  the new point of sale Sewer Lateral Ordinances. Sewer Lateral Inspections, Repairs and Requirements when you sell a house.  Speaker:  Mike Murrow from Bellows Plumbing

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