Stuff On The Brain

Tom Brezsny
- Tom Brezsny

Stuff On The Brain

I have “stuff” on the brain. I can’t help it. Once “stuff” gets in there, it’s hard to get rid of it. I’ll even be talking about “stuff” next Wednesday evening as part of a series of homeowner workshops entitled Preparing for Downsizing.  If you are struggling with “stuff” (who isn’t) this is the perfect opportunity to purge your soul of any guilt by hearing other people share their own stories about “stuff”.  

What “stuff” am I talking about? George Carlin “stuff”. Marie Kondo “stuff”. The “stuff” that spawned all those best-selling books about clutter and invented a cottage industry for packers and organizers. The “stuff” that launched an entire genre of Reality TV shows and the “stuff” that’s the bane of Realtor existence everywhere. The “stuff” that people fill their homes with. The “stuff” that’s in their junk drawers, closets. attics and garages. The “stuff” they are saving and can’t  bring themselves to throw away. 

All of us have the human gene for hunting and gathering. We’re wired to go out, find “stuff” and bring it back. But evolution left out the corresponding gene for avoiding and dispersing that would allow us to ignore stuff and get rid of it easily.  

Historically, this all went downhill when permanent homes were first built in agrarian societies and people didn’t have to carry their possessions on migration any longer. Then the ancient Egyptians even came up with the notion that we could  take our “stuff”with us on the journey to the afterlife. 

Fastforwarding to 1946, baby boomers were born into the biggest economic expansion ever, as capitalism fueled endless growth and consumption took over. They were sitting ducks when credit cards and television began to proliferate in the 50s and the average size of homes grew to accommodate even more “stuff”. The early 70s ushered in the era of the personal storage unit – a home away from home for more “stuff” and in 2023, there are millions of them.

And now, on the cusp of the last third of their lives, those same baby boomers are wrestling with the fact that they really can’t take their stuff with them and that it’s possible that no one really wants it when they go. Sound familiar? Come to the Free Talk.

March 22nd 7:00-8:30pm  What do you do with all of your “stuff”? Tips, pointers, resources for dealing with the lifetime of personal possessions that you really don’t want to let go of.  Christie’s Sereno 720 Front Street, Downtown Santa Cruz. Seating is limited so email [email protected] or call Tom Brezsny at 831-818-1431 to reserve a spot. 

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