Taking the Plunge Into Surfing

Marika Strauss
- Marika Strauss

Taking the Plunge Into Surfing

Walking along East or West Cliff drive is not only beautiful but gives passerbyers a sense of curiosity. “What would it take for me to plunge into the healing Pacific waters?” Most everyone wishes they had the courage or skill to plunge in. Still thinking about it? There are endless possibilities for learning this magnetic sport no matter what stage of life you find yourself in. 

Step one: Identify a place to take a lesson.

Surf School Santa Cruz is a great place to start as they have many options for lessons with a plethora of amazing instructors. No need to worry about renting gear ahead of time as they will set you up. 

Next stage: I have taken several lessons and I am ready to rent some gear to paddle out on my own.

One of the most important things to consider before paddling out  is to educate yourself about the tides, swell directions, wind forecast and exit/entry points. Surfline is a great website to use for this important information. Freeline Surf Shop on 41st Ave in Pleasure Point is a great place to rent your gear. Spend time observing the spot you plan to paddle out to. Where are the waves breaking? Is there a channel to help me get out to the waves? A couple spots to try: Jack’s – accessed at the end of 36th st in Pleasure Point or Cowells – use the beach North of Pier. BUT, be prepared, the ocean can be unforgiving.

Ready, set, go!: I am hooked and ready to build my surf quiver, where to begin?

Santa Cruz has endless options for both buying a wetsuit and surfboard. A few great places to check out: Rip Curl or Oneill Outlets, find a local shaper.

Stay tuned for our next Surfers Corner as we will be sharing some of our favorite places to surf in Santa Cruz County.

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