Dying Should Not Be So Brutal!

Terry Brezsny Ballantyne
- Terry Brezsny Ballantyne

Dying Should Not Be So Brutal!

I have been speaking and talking about how we as boomers need to take control of our last great rebellion! How we ‘shuffle off our mortal coil’ and show the next generation how to transform from physical to another realm with grace and dignity, is our last great act.

No more viewed as fragile empty meaningless bodies in our last hours, but time capsules, bearers of wisdom, keepers of the cultural narrative, incubators of patience, gentle guides, bestowers of confidence, protectors of innocence, and guardians of compassion.

We must re write the script from dying in hospital full of tubes, gadgets and over medicated, to demanding better end of life care and transitions that are more gentle on both the dying and the family supporting them.

We must demand more explanation, more options and more creativity in how we pass.

But to do this we must embrace and accept our mortality. Only then can we be in charge of it and change the conversation from fearing and denying death to shaping our whole life around the fact that we
are temporal first, spiritual by choice, and living a life in honor of that.

Great article from the New York Times


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