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In the midst of the culturally rich and technologically thriving Bay Area, Belmont is a charming city known for its beautiful hills and wide-open spaces. The city’s name translates into “Beautiful Mountain.” A strong, active community enriches the small-town ambiance and makes this tranquil destination a desirable place to live.

Belmont is widely recognized as a safe community with an excellent local school system that continually performs well in the state rankings.  The population of Belmont is highly educated, with over 56% of the adults having earned a four-year college degree or higher. Notre Dame de Namur University was founded in Belmont in 1851 by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. It is a Catholic, not-for-profit, university serving over 2000 students and offering over 37 degree and credential programs.

Belmont is a popular destination for high technology professionals in the Silicon Valley who commute up and down the peninsula.  Caltrain offers limited stop service to San Francisco in just over 30 minutes and to San Jose in just under 45 minutes. Belmont is also ideally located near the San Mateo Bridge for commuters and travelers heading to the East Bay.

The City of Belmont prides itself on being unique and instituted one of the country’s first smoking bans in 2009 that prohibited smoking in all businesses and multi-story apartments and condominiums.

Below is the historical sales data for Belmont.  It includes single family home, condominium, and townhome sales through the multiple listing service within Belmont’s city limits.  Information is separated by property type where appropriate to illustrate price differences. Belmont’s primary Zip Code is 94002.

*Property data obtained from Sereno Group and its agents are not responsible for any errors in the data presented. The current year data is YTD through the last complete month. Data is updated by the 10th day of each month.

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