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La Selva Beach is one of the several communities, like Rio Del Mar to the North that is located in and around Aptos. It neighbors Larkin Valley & Corralitos to the east, and Watsonville to the south. The name “La Selva” is Spanish for “the jungle”, or, in temperate regions, “the forest”. When founded, the small beach community was surrounded by dense conifer woods.

La Selva Beach is home to both La Selva Beach and adjacent to Manresa State Beach where one can fish, surf, and boogie board. These surf areas are not as popular as others in Santa Cruz County due to the smaller waves and a different beach break. La Selva Beach does not have direct public beach access, but local residents of the neighborhood can get a key that provides private vehicle access to a parking lot near the beach. The town of La Selva Beach is a tight-knit community with many long-term residents, and turnover in this community is slow. This little enclave has some of the best beach properties in Santa Cruz County.

The central park of La Selva Beach is Triangle Park. The park is triangular in form and enhanced by a triangular structure with the flags of the world. There is also a horseshoe pit at the park for entertainment, and a small grass area to walk the dog. The schools in La Selva Beach are part of Pajaro Unified School District, and residents typically attend Rio Del Mar Elementary School and Aptos High School.

La Selva Beach is located in the 95076 Zip Code, and the homes in the region are mostly older homes that were built in the 1960’s and 70’s but many have been remodeled and/or updated since that time. There are also lower cost condo and townhome options available in the community for those looking to find more affordable options. Below is the historical market data for the area.

*Property data obtained from Sereno Group and its agents are not responsible for any errors in the data presented. The current year data is YTD through the last complete month. Data is updated by the 10th day of each month.

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