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Monte Sereno, which means “peaceful mountain”, is an all residential community of approximately 3,400 residents known for its rural character and wooded hillsides as well as its magnificent estates. Because of the city’s beauty, location and superior schools many Silicon Valley executives have chosen Monte Sereno as their home. One of the city’s points of interest includes the home in which American author John Steinbeck wrote “The Grapes of Wrath”.

Monte Sereno is located adjacent to Los Gatos, and most of the residents are served by the Los Gatos Union Elementary School District or Saratoga Elementary School Districts. Both districts have top rated schools that regularly place in the upper tiers of the annual school testing results. Students attending high school will either attend Los Gatos High School or Saratoga High School within the Los-Gatos Saratoga Union High School District. A small portion of residents near Bicknell Road fall into the Campbell school districts to the North.

Monte Sereno is linked to Los Gatos through city services as well as schools. The city shares police, parks & recreation, and also youth sports leagues with Los Gatos, and for many all of the downtown amenities as well. The two cities are so tightly linked to the point that only a sign separates the two for many local residents. Monte Sereno is primarily a residential community and does not allow commercial uses within its city limits. Monte Sereno shares the 95030 zip code with Los Gatos. Below is the historical market data for the city.

*Property data obtained from Sereno Group and its agents are not responsible for any errors in the data presented. The current year data is YTD through the last complete month. Data is updated by the 10th day of each month.

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