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Santa Cruz is home to the world famous Beach Boardwalk, a University of California Campus, a National Marine Sanctuary, and is one of the “weirdest” places in the United States. Residents in this 12 square mile enclave vary from wealthy banker types to tattooed bikers, and they all seem to coexist together with the salt air acting as the glue that binds them. The Municipal Wharf joins the ocean with the Boardwalk and a downtown graced with shops, restaurants and more movie screens per capita than any other coastal area.

A quick trip to Steamer Lane or Pleasure Point, and you will find local surfers bobbing out in the water waiting for the perfect waves. Santa Cruz is also home to smooth water for kayaking, and fishermen are often found out on the pier looking for a fresh catch of the day. The Marina and Harbor hosts a blend of high tech sailing boats, well-worn fishing boats, and rowboats alike, as the boating culture is alive and well in the city.

Back when the Hawaiians introduced surfing to the local community in the late 1800’s, a rivalry began between the surfers that frequented the Westside and those on the Eastside. This rivalry underlies the relationship between residents from both areas to this day, and also impacts the local real estate market.  The Westside area of Santa Cruz is considered west of the San Lorenzo River, and the Eastside stretches from east of the San Lorenzo River to a third regional area called Live Oak. Live Oak is home to the excellent surfing off Pleasure Point and is located outside the Santa Cruz City limits in unincorporated Santa Cruz County.

Westside and Eastside Santa Cruz are served by the Santa Cruz City School District, with some of the better schools located on the Westside.  The Live Oak area is served by the Live Oak Elementary school district, and both areas are served by the Santa Cruz City High School District. Westside Santa Cruz is also home to the Pacific Collegiate School, which is one of the top college preparatory high schools in the Country.

Coastal Santa Cruz is located primarily in the 95060 and 95062 zip codes, and the homes in the area are primarily single family homes with some condominiums and townhomes mixed into the area. The local MLS defines the Westside as Area 43, the Eastside as Area 42, and the Live Oak Areas as Area 45. You can find our Sereno Group Westside Santa Cruz office on Mission Street! Below is the historical market data for the city.

*Property data obtained from Sereno Group and its agents are not responsible for any errors in the data presented. The current year data is YTD through the last complete month. Data is updated by the 10th day of each month.

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