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Before you decide to move, the house you own is a home. Your home and haven. A collection of memories and memorabilia. Then suddenly it is a “product” to put on the shelves of the marketplace. That’s hard.

We take enormous pride in skills acquired over a combined 50 years in order to maximize the presentation of your home, assuring that it is the most appealing and most compelling home on the market.
We assist you in making decisions on repairs to your homes major systems, decorating ideas, squaring all the little corners, updating your look, and completing many little tasks that add up to beautiful perfection. And all the while, we offer handholding through all the rigors of going to market.

You can count on us.

Staging Details

The smallest detail matters.

Each step is mission critical into creating attraction and desire.

Here are some things often overlooked that mar your presentation:


  1. Trees overgrown, out of balance, full of dead wood, out of scale, blocking the house
  2. Cracked or uneven pavement, sidewalk or pavers to front door
  3. Dirty windows and or missing screens
  4. Dated, dirty, peeling or unattractive trim, fascias and doors
  5. Torn screen door, old screen door or unattractive or neglected front door
  6. Faulty door latch system
  7. Dated, small, neglected house numbers
  8. Mailboxes dented, scratched, old
  9. Landscape maintenance, scale, composition and focal point


  1. Clean and preferably matching floors throughout
  2. Freshly painted trim, modern colors
  3. Sparkling appliances inside and out
  4. Nothing on the floors except the legs of furniture and rugs
  5. Counters clear and clean
  6. Low flow toilets and showerheads
  7. Switch plates and outlet cover plates matching
  8. Light bulbs not burnt out
  9. Kitchen and Bathroom accouterments

There are countless other small details that come together to make your home hum with the promise of a wonderful life. We can manage it all for you. We got you.

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